Kochi Prefecture Susaki City, Nakatosa Town, Tosa City, Niyodogawa Town September 21 - 23, 2024 (JPY 120,000)

"Deeply Kochi Trip" to Discover Local Food Culture and Fish
Niyodo River Natural Ayu Fishing, Tosa Bay Boat Fishing Experience

Number of meals
2 breakfast, 3 lunch, 2 dinner

Pick-up service
Pick-up service is available from Kochi Airport.

Local training program
Do you know about the rare seasonal food, mejika fry? Experience Niyodo river natural ayu fishing and Tosa Bay boat fishing. You will taste the marriage of the best of fishing.

◆September 21(Sat) - Eat natural ayu caught by yourself

8:05 Depart Haneda Airport (ANA561)
9:25 Arrive at Kochi Ryoma Airport
10:00 Departure from Kochi Ryoma Airport (pick-up)
10:10 Airport IC = (Kochi Expressway) = Ino IC 
11:10-12:00 [Lunch] Taishoken, Sagawa Town (broiled eel)
13:00-16:00 Ayu fish fishing in Niyodogawa Town
16:30 Check-in and bathing 
18:30 Dinner

Overnight stay: Guest house Ichikawa

◆September 22 (Sun) - Catch and eat the fantastic white ama-dai, a high-class fish in Tosa Bay

6:30 Breakfast
7:30 Check out
9:00 Boat fishing experience at Suzaki City Tourism & Fishery Center (Departure~Return to port)
15:00 Private sauna at Occam's Kingdom, dinner at Mejika Shinko (newborn baby squid) tasting party 
20:00 Check-in

Overnight stay: Kuroshio Honjin

◆September 23 (Mon) -Enjoy the afterglow of the happy kingdom of Kochi

7:30 Breakfast
8:30 Depart from hotel
9:00 Sake brewery tour / Tosa Taisho Market
12:00 Lunch
15:00 Arrive at Kochi Ryoma Airport
16:00 Depart from Kochi Airport (ANA568)


Day 1
Niyodo River, Ichikawa Suishinjuku

1031 Doi Kou, Niyodogawa-cho, Agawa-gun, Kochi
TEL 0889-34-2036
Japanese-style room: 12 people / 2 people per room 6 rooms, shared toilet and bathroom

Day 2
Kuroshio Honjin

8009-11 Kure, Nakatosa-cho, Kochi
tel 0889-52-3500
Japanese-style room: 8 people / 2 people per room, with private toilet and bathroom

Please arrange your own transportation (plane, train) to the destination.
Bus transportation is provided.

What to bring and what to wear
We recommend comfortable clothing.
Fishing rods are available for rent.
Please bring a jacket to adjust the temperature.

Application Deadline
 September 13 (Fri)

Capacity and minimum number of participants
 Maximum number of participants: 4, Maximum number of participants: 8

Payment Method
 Credit card payment (payment will be sent by email from square)

Cancellation Policy
 Cancellation 20 days before the day of the start of the tour: 20% of the total fee
 Cancellation 7 days before the day of the start of the tour: 30% of the total fee
 Cancellation the day before the day of the start of the tour: 40% of the total fee
 Cancellation on the day of the start of the tour: 50% of the total fee
 Cancellation after the start of the tour or no-show without notice: 100% of the total fee


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