Susami Town, Wakayama Prefecture November 2 (Sat.)-3 (Sun.), 2024(JPY 70,000)

Taste the process of catching and eating lobsters
- Behind the scenes of gill net fishing and unutilized fish

Minimum number of participants: 5

Attend staffs: 4~5 persons (Mayor Tsutomu Iwata, Wataru Katsura, Tomohiko Iwasaki, Hazuki Minakuchi)

Meeting point:
Meeting time: 10:45 a.m. 


For those arriving by plane, there will be free space on the 2nd floor of FRONT110. There are also cafes near the station for your convenience. 

◆JAL from Haneda to Nanki Shirahama -First flight: 7:40-9:00 (pick-up by car) -Second flight: 11:30-12:45 (pick-up by car)

JR Express Kuroshio - Arrive at Shusanmi station at 10:33 (Meet at FRONT110, a short walk from Shusanmi station at 10:45)

In case of car - Meet at FRONT110 at 10:45 a.m. 

Number of meals
All meals are included: 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, and 1 dinner (however, some beverages are at your own expense). 


November 2 (Sat)

10:45: Meet at FRONT110

11:00: Departure and transportation

11:30: Hands-on experience at Kishu Binchotan "Komori Kiln 

12:30: <Lunch> "Tea porridge & charcoal course" tasting Kishu-binchotan

14:00:"Fishermen's Town Tour" tour around Susami Town

16:30:Check in at Fairfield Hotel 

18:00:<Dinner>"Lobster Banquet" at the Mayor's house to enjoy Susami lobsters

21:00:Transfer to hotel and overnight stay 

November 3 (Sun)
4:30: Meet at hotel lobby
5:00: Live experience of "lobster fishing (gill net fishing)
6:30: Return to port "Lobster net removal" and "Unused fish processing experience
8:00: Breakfast "Fisherman's rice with live lobsters and unused fish
10:30: Craftsman's experience of making "mymage wappa," the Tsunekichi Hakoya brand
12:30: <Lunch> "Omusubi workshop" at the Water Mill House Cafe, making my "magewappa" 
13:30: Knot tying session at the Water Mill House Cafe
15:00: Program ends

Fairfield by Marriott Wakayama Kumanokodo Susami
* Private bathroom and toilet available

What to bring and what to wear
Day 1: 
-Please wear clothes that are easy to move in and can get dirty, and athletic shoes.

Day 2: 
-We will be riding on a boat, so please wear clothes that can get wet and non-slip athletic shoes. Please bring anti-sickness medicine if you get seasick. 

-Life jackets will be provided.

-If you can bring boots, please bring them. 

Application Deadline
October 25 (Fri)

Capacity and minimum number of participants
Maximum number of participants: 4, Maximum number of participants: 8

Payment Method
Credit card payment (payment will be sent by email from square)

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation 20 days before the day of the start of the tour: 20% of the total fee
Cancellation 7 days before the day of the start of the tour: 30% of the total fee
Cancellation the day before the day of the start of the tour: 40% of the total fee
Cancellation on the day of the start of the tour: 50% of the total fee
Cancellation after the start of the tour or no-show without notice: 100% of the total fee


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