Tokachi Hokkaido, January 24 - 26, 2024 (JPY TBA)

Taste Tokachi: Gourmet Delights and Winter Wonders

Destinations: Tokachi region, Hokkaido

3-Day Tour: Feast Your Way Through Tokachi, Hokkaido
Tokachi, in the heart of Hokkaido, is a must-visit for food lovers. Its vibrant culinary scene includes seafood, dairy, wagyu beef, fruits, vegetables, sake, and wine. From Michelin-starred restaurants to ramen shops, this tour promises a delightful culinary adventure, perfect for celebrating Hokkaido’s renowned food culture.

Hokkaido’s seafood is legendary, with crab, sea urchin, salmon roe, scallops, and squid as favorites. Tokachi is the ideal place to try these, along with BBQ grilled lamb, ramen, and soup curry, paired with local sake and wines. The region’s commitment to fresh, locally sourced ingredients ensures flavorful dishes at farm-to-table restaurants throughout areas.

Unique Winter Experiences Under "Tokachi Blue" Skies
This cold season unveils the natural beauty sculpted by sub-zero temperatures, along with a variety of winter activities and adventures. The colder it gets, the more thrilling the experiences become. Highlights include the "Art of Ice and Snow," with events like "Shikaribetsu Lake Kotan" and "Jewelry Ice" and snow games for the brave and bold. 

"Jewelry Ice" on Toyokoro Town’s Otsu Coast appears mid-January to late February when Tokachi River’s frozen water washes ashore, creating transparent ice blocks that sparkle like crystals in the sunlight. The sight of countless ice blocks scattered across the beach is breathtaking and offers numerous photographic opportunities throughout the day.

"Shikaribetsu Lake Kotan" is a magical village of ice and snow on a frozen lake, featuring unique experiences like the "Ice Bar" and "Open-Air Onsen on Ice." This village melts back into the lake by the end of March but leaves lasting memories and remains a cherished part of the region’s culture.

Frosty Fun: Snow Games for the Young at Heart
A winter sports event held in a snowy field below freezing temperatures features extremely unique competitions. These include the "Snowball Making Contest," where teams compete to make as many snowballs as possible, "Snowball Toss," similar to the traditional Japanese ball-toss game but with snowballs, "Snow Flags," inspired by beach flags, and "Sled Relay," a race to pull sleds the fastest. The students of Tokachi’s Necchu School take the lead in creating the rules and organizing the event.

In summary, Hokkaido Tokachi is a paradise for food lovers, offering stunning natural landscapes and snow sports extravaganza. If you are a true foodie, don’t miss the chance to join a Tokachi food tour and explore the delicious cuisine this remarkable area has to offer. Discover the magic of Tokachi food tours and embark on an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Trip Highlights:
Why you'll love this trip
-Interaction with local producers and residents through food
-Regional gourmet cuisine utilizing Hokkaido's rich ingredients
-Lectures by unique producers
-Natural art creations woven by the winter cold, only visible this season
-Visit the famous Kamikawa Taisetsu sake breweries
-Wines from emerging wineries that are paving the way for a new era
-Winter sports events held in the snow, unique to Necchu School in winter

Sample Itinerary Overview
Tour itineraries are subject to change. We will inform you of any amendments as soon as we become aware of them.

Day 1
The first day begins with a visit to Memuro Winery, where you can sample freshly pressed wine. Afterward, head to the Obihiro Market to enjoy a seafood bowl made with fresh fish. Next, visit the TOYO Cheese Factory to learn about cheese-making using milk from local producers. In the evening, indulge in a special gourmet dinner course featuring Tokachi ingredients, crafted by a chef who has earned a Michelin Bib Gourmand.

Day 2
On the second day, experience the stunning seasonal scenery and hot springs at Shikaribetsu Ice Village. After that, visit the new sake brewery located within Tokachi's national university to enjoy some Japanese sake. Then, attend a lecture at Necchu School given by leading producers in the dairy and fishery industries. End the day by savoring a seafood robatayaki dinner with local residents.

Day 3
The final day starts with admiring the breathtaking scenery of Jewelry Ice. Warm up with a bowl of flavorful ramen. Participate in the Winter Sports Day, where you can fully enjoy the snowy activities. For lunch, recharge with a popular local curry rice. Additionally, enjoy the rich variety of Tokachi sweets and the beautiful snowy landscape to fully immerse yourself in the winter charm of Tokachi.

Please note that flights to Tokachi Obihiro CIty are not included in the price of your tour. Please arrange your own transportation (plane, train) to the destination. Local transportation is provided.

What to bring and what to wear
It is advisable to wear skiwear when outdoors. Opt for snow boots or other insulated footwear for better warmth. Avoid rain boots as they have thin soles that can lead to cold feet; instead, consider wearing multiple pairs of socks. Be mindful of fluctuating temperatures caused by sunlight and wind exposure. Having hand warmers (kairo) at hand will ensure you are fully prepared for varying conditions. Early mornings can drop below -4°F, rapidly draining the batteries of electronic devices. Remember to keep both your clothing and cameras or smartphones warm.

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